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GASOLINE INC - The Wanted One (2012)

GASOLINE INC - The Wanted One (2012)


GASOLINE INC is a new young band from Australia who have been playing together for five years. Their 2010 single 'Superstar' was picked up by the local TV network and used as the backdrop track for weekly sporting highlights and gained the band immense credibility.
Relocating from their native Perth to Melbourne, the undisputed 'rock capital' of Australia, their new EP "The Wanted One" should be the beacon that lights their way.

In a few secluded pockets of some of these songs, your ear might find comparisons to the likes of other anthemic rock artists like '90s Bon Jovi, the 'adult' INXS, Midnight Oil, Noiseworks and why, not eighties U2.
Charismatic frontman Gabriel O'Brien cuts a distinctive and powerful vocal and exudes a highly magnetic attraction that has already been compared to the likes of Hutchence, Jagger and Bono.
The guitar of co-writer Matt Sofoulis is edgy yet melodic and tasteful, while the rhythm section is delivered in the classic way, with separate bass/drum sounds. Each band member is a capable singer in their own right which allows for multiple-part vocal harmonies and provides greater depth to their sound.

Starting with "The Wanted One", which lyrically is a portrayal of Ned Kelly, Australia's most famous bushranger, the song is driven by a big rockin' guitar riff and an anthemic chorus. The US's Bon Jovi may have an anthem with ‘Wanted: Dead or Alive’, but Australia has Gasoline Inc.'s "The Wanted One".
"Aurora" has an earthy feel to it and once again, the lyrics really play a massive part in setting the scene of this song. A track with a nice hook, catchy choruses and a tasty guitar solo - a raging rock song with a building climax and mood provoking end.
Next track "All That Remains" - a haunting and reflective ballad - reminds the listener just how good these guys can be.

"Shock" takes on a real INXS / Midnight Oil type vibe, two of the band's declared influences, and whilst is an obvious choice for a single, it probably least represents the real elements of Gasoline Inc. Anyway, no one will ever be able to replace the rare and talented Michael Hutchence, but I’d put my last dollar behind Gasoline Inc's potential and ability to bring back that same kind of interactive, insatiable and tantalizing rock energy that only comes around once in a very blue moon.
"Blessed" closes out the EP in stunning style. Passionate and stirring, this is the sort of heartfelt song which most others would make a pretentious mess of, yet in singer Gab O'Brien's hands the sincerity and simplicity of the message shines through and rings true.

Listening "The Wanted One", maybe it’s the artwork that really makes me think of burning red Australian skies and harsh desert landscapes, but there’s also enough lyrical references throughout the EP to really give it a distinct Aussie feel.
This distinct Australian 'feel' for me is the real appeal of Gasoline INC. This band has many classic influences, but they blend all of them into a distictive and really seductive way.
Classy, polished, moving and tuneful - make no mistake that if there is any justice left in the music business, Gasoline Inc are only at the very start of what should be a long and rewarding career.
Well done guys.

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01 - The Wanted One
02 - Aurora
03 - All That Remains
04 - Shock
05 - Blessed

Gabriel O’Brien – Vocals
Matt Sofoulis – Guitar, Vocals
Jason Millar – Bass, Keyboards, E-bow, Vocals
Les Stuart – Drums, Vocals
Andrew Rostas – Piano on 'Blessed'



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