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LIBERTY N' JUSTICE - Forever 'Till The End (2012)

LIBERTY N' JUSTICE - Forever 'Till The End (2012)


The mastermind of LIBERTY N' JUSTICE project Justin Murr has been busy at work trying to complete there yet to be released double CD, “The Cigar Chronicles”.
Meanwhile, on Tuesday June 12th, Liberty n’ Justice just released a new single, and also is re-issuing there 1996 release “Forever Till The End” via digital outlets.
The album was remastered and new artwork was added for this special release. “Forever Till The End” shows a earlier poppier sound of LN'J, and features the vocals of ex-CBS recording artist Gregg Clemons.

Liberty n' Justice was founded in 1991 by Justin Murr and Patrick Marchand. Between some line-up changes, the band recorded two albums ('92 & '94) while toured the States to support them.
Murr and Marchand thought they were building momentum and decided to go back into the studio in 1996. By this time, the music scene was already changed, every major label passed on Liberty n' Justice, and the band was drawing very few people to its shows.

Just as Murr was about to trash the project, former CBS recording artist Gregg Clemons (a long-time recording buddy and co-writer of most of LnJ's songs) said he would sing leads on the new album.
Clemons took the recording of “Forever Till The End” to the next level.
At this time Liberty n' Justice was just a studio group, but the songs caught the attention of a publishing company in Nashville. At dinner they offered a very 'bad deal' which Murr turned down.
He gave up on music and the album remained officially unreleased.
After four years out of the music scenario, in 2000 Marchand called Murr and the two got together. After talking, they decided to record a fourth album, 'Bargain Bin', for Innate Records.
The tour presenting the disc was successful, but after that Liberty n' Justice disbanded again.

Liberty n' Justice had two lives, the band which ended in 2000 and the All-Star projects that started in 2004, more hard rock oriented and only with Murr at the helm.
“Forever Till The End” is part of the lesser known incarnation of the band; the nineties era. It was finally released in 2006 by Murr, but in limited quantities.
Now with this proper re-issue we have the opportunity to listen it.
The style and sound on “Forever Till The End” is not the hard 'n heavy we all know from this project developed during the past decade and continues to these days. This is more radio rock oriented, featuring songs with a rock 'n roll structure but in a more accessible, light sound.
Nothing outstanding, just a pleasant listen, a way to appreciate how this project has evolved with the years.

01 - A Fool Says
02 - Forever Till The End
03 - More Than A Pretty Face
04 - Free Will
05 - Lost Soul Cafe
06 - Come Back To Me
07 - Find Your Way Back Home
08 - Shout 96
09 - Love Me Real
10 - My First Love
11 - Christian Man
12 - Little Boy Brave
13 - Yesterdays News
14 - In Good Faith

Gregg Clemons - Vocals
Justin Murr - Guitar, Keyboards, programming
Patrick Marchand - Bass
Various unlisted musicians



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