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THE STRAND - ST [Rock Candy reissue] (2011)

THE STRAND - ST [Rock Candy reissue]


Today we have here one that criminally has slipped under our radar.
Rock Candy has turned the spotlight on an obscure Los Angeles based five piece named, rather curiously, THE STRAND.
Although the name may not be recognisable, some of the band members will be very familiar to fans of sophisticated melodic rock.

The Strand’s origins can be found in a group called Rural Still Life, the very same group that spawned hugely successful multi Grammy winning West Coast AOR stars Toto.
In common with Toto the band were also extremely talented players, some having backed Boz Scaggs both live and in the studio. Just like the session players that birthed Toto, they too hatched plans for their own group, quickly securing a deal with Island Records.

Signed personally by Island founder Chris Blackwell (and named by him), the band’s one and only album originally released in 1980, was produced, not unsurprisingly, by long time friend and colleague, Toto drummer Jeff Porcaro.
The results, as you might reasonably expect, are spectacular, boasting killer songs, jaw dropping musicianship and superb arrangements, all bathed in a stellar production.
Listen out too for vocalist Rick ‘Moon’ Calhoun, one of the greatest, yet largely overlooked, vocalists of the genre.

Oustanding re-issue for the first time on CD, a superb 24-bit remastering from original source tapes.
A Must Have.

THE STRAND - ST [Rock Candy reissue] tracklist

THE STRAND - ST [Rock Candy reissue] back cover



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